I’m Olga and welcome to my page! I’m an artist and graphic designer living in Hamburg.

I studied Graphic Design 2004-2010 at State University. There I studied academic drawing, painting, and sculpture. It was 6 years of an invaluable learning experience for me, so painting and drawing will always be the biggest part of me.

My inspiration is in the beauty outside of me and the fears inside me, in finding new ways in painting to express my vision, in experimenting with materials such as combine flowing acrylic with palette knife oil painting.


Olga’s work can be described as “bringing nature to your doorsteps”. Her work is centered around highlighting the beauty and emotional components of nature and everyday objects. Her intention is to draw attention to the soul and core of her objects and bring them to a vicinity close to the observer

Grace Denker


28.02 – 27.06.2020 Grace Denker Gallery “URBAN CONCEPTS”, Hamburg

6.08.2020 Grace Denker Gallery, Hamburg

6.09.2020 Hamburg zeigt Kunst, Hamburg

20.09.2020 Lübecker Bucht zeigt Kunst, Trinkkurhalle Timmendorf

04.11 – 21.11.2020 Wandergalerie “Größen Kunst-Tombola Hamburgs“, Hamburg

8.11 – 12.12.2020 Grace Denker Gallery “INTERACTIVE MIX”, Hamburg

29.11.2020 “Hamburg zeigt Kunst”, Hamburg

2.07.2021 – 1.08.2021 The Lacuna Art Festival ‘DISTANCE’, Lanzarote / Postcards page 24 / Project page 53 / Collaboration

25.06.2022 “Hamburg zeigt Kunst”, Hamburg


Art . Craft . Living


“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.”   Emma Goldman

Maybe you’re one of those who consistently buy flowers for loved ones but loathe the fact that they are very short-lived presents. The memory of the beautiful gesture lasting just about as long as the bunch of flowers itself. In a day or so, the bunch of flowers which was once a beautiful gift and a lovely sight to behold, will start withering away. The present your loved ones once fawned over will soon become a droopy rotten mess to be thrown into the bin. Then the vase will be cleaned and the present will be forgotten…

Copyrite by Grace Denker