Acrylic on paper

60×80 cm


The drips of paint on one side demonstrate ancient texture and on the other dramatic, emphasizing the unbearable lightness of being. Some people can see it as a biblical image, some people see it as one of Michelangelo’s greatest works of David’s art, but both have remained alive forever.

“Portraits 2020” series. Life in the 21st century is progressing quite fast, we get all the information on the Internet, all communication has basically been moved to social networks, we started to communicate with emojis instead of words and send voice messages instead of phone calls. We have begun to adjust ourselves to this world of technology increasing distance between us and reality, wearing emotional masks trying to conform some artificial expectations. This took place before the pandemic, and now we can feel it as deep as never before. 2020 has dictated its terms, forcing people to put on physical masks in addition to their own made of fear, doubts, and anxiety. At some point, it started to feel like we are losing control of our own lives. When the sense of losing control is in the air we start to think about the end and all what matters, about the meaning of life, and about our place. Psychologists call this an existential crisis. 

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Available also as NFT